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Don't throw your clients to the wolves.

Call IME WatchDog today and we will send a
trained professional to accompany your
client on any IME or NFE.

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IME physicians can appear sympathetic to your vulnerable client.

Our IME Watchdogs prevent the IME physician
from asking questions outside the
scope of the exam.

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The extra time spent preparing your client is invaluable.

Our IME Watchdog will meet your client prior to
the exam to answer any questions they may
have about what to expect from the
IME physician.

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Within seven business days you will receive a detailed report.

Our IME Watchdogs will note which tests your client underwent and how the client performed.

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IME WatchDog, an innovative company poised to arm plaintiff’s firms with a new defensive weapon against insurance companies and their IME hired guns. In the event that defendant files a motion to dismiss based on a “serious injury” threshold, the WatchDog Advocate who attended the examination will be available to prepare an affidavit and/or provide in-court testimony in support of your opposition. WatchDog affidavits and testimony can highlight which tests were not performed, possible mischaracterization of the results, and any other information that tends to show a triable issue of fact.


Independent medical exam. There are 3 lies in that statement, it's not independent, it's not medical and it's not an exam








Our company offers the following services: Accompany clients to Insurance Medical Examinations. Taking detailed notes of the intake questions asked by the IME physician. Taking detailed notes of the tests the IME physician performs and preparing a report describing exactly what took place during the examination, how long the examination lasted and any errors or lapses made by the examining physician.

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Why Choose Us

Our Watchdogs have attended hundreds of IMEs in various specialties.  We know what IME physicians are allowed to ask at an exam. We’re available day and night to protect your clients in NYC, Long Island, Westchester, NJ, CT and PA. We’re dedicated to giving you the best service possible. Our Watchdogs are fluent in Spanish, Russian, and French.



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My law firm has utilized IME Watchdog numerous times in the past year. Each and every time we have been impressed by their professionalism and level of commitment to our clients.  They are always punctual, polite and we have received positive feedback from our clients who have been accompanied by the Watchdogs.      



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