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IMEWatchDog Booking Services


IME Watchdog looks like an invaluable service to help with one of the most insidious parts of defense cases: unscrupulous 'Independent Medical Examiners' (meaning almost all of them) who prostitute themselves to mislead juries about your client. The combination of Dorothy Sims's Exposing Deceptive Defense Doctors and IME/ Watchdog should mitigate the damage these IME hookers get rich from perpetrating."


David Ball, Phd







“I don't know why everyone doesn't use IME watchdog for all DME and IMEs. Can you really send you paralegal or show up yourself? If your staffer does go , do they know what to note? Do they have a checklist of what to write down? Do they know what questions your client should refuse to answer? Are they experienced in the courtroom? Can they boast they "took out" several doctors that were defense whores and got their licenses or ability to do future IMEs removed? You owe it to your clients to send someone adept at doing IMEs” 









You will sleep better at night knowing that your client is protected by the Watchdog.








My law firm has utilized IME Watchdog numerous times in the past year. Each and every time we have been impressed by their professionalism and level of commitment to our clients.  They are always punctual, polite and we have received positive feedback from our clients who have been accompanied by the Watchdogs.








The Watchdogs are professional and our clients appreciate having someone with them at the exam.








We always send a Watchdog with our client.








Great service, they were able to arrange a Watchdog for an exam the same day.