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IMEWatchDog Booking Services

Our company provides the following services :

  • Accompany clients to Insurance Medical Examinations.
  • Take detailed notes of the intake questions asked by the IME physician.
  • Take detailed notes of the tests the IME physician performs.
  • Prevent the IME physician from asking inappropriate questions or administering inappropriate tests.
  • Prepare a report describing exactly what took place during the examination, how long the examination lasted and any errors or lapses made by the examining physician.


In the event that defendant files a motion to dismiss based on a “serious injury” threshold, the WatchDog Advocate who attended the examination will be available to prepare an affidavit and/or provide in-court testimony in support of your opposition. WatchDog affidavits and testimony can highlight which tests were not performed, possible mischaracterization of the results, and any other information that tends to show a triable issue of fact.


For this service, we charge $179.00 for the first hour and $45 for each additional half-hour we spend at the IME facility.* Billing starts 15 minutes prior to the scheduled exam time.


*There are additional fees for travel to locations outside of NYC