A proven weapon poised to arm Plaintiff’s firms
with new defensive ammunition against
insurance companies and their IME hired guns.

Your clients should never go to an IME without a watchdog

Insurance companies refer to their examination as “Independent Medical Exams”, however, we all know that there is nothing independent about an examination of an injured person by a doctor hired and paid for by the insurance company who is defending the injury claim. It is in reality a Defense Medical Exam.

Daniella Levi, Esq., a personal injury attorney, running her own successful practice for over two decades, saw the importance in having a knowledgeable representative accompany her clients to Insurance Medical Exams. Often, what her clients reported back to her about what took place during the exam, was very different from the doctors’ reports exchanged by the defense. When she realized that no such service existed, she founded IME WatchDog in 2011. The concept was simple: Arm personal injury law firms with Patient Advocates who will accompany their clients to Insurance Medical Exams and provide detailed reports about what exactly happened in the exam rooms.

The IME WatchDog meticulously memorializes the exam in a report that can be used to defeat summary judgment motions on threshold as well as provide trial testimony when necessary.

It is invaluable to have an IME WatchDog Advocate accompany your clients to their IME’s. The WatchDog will be your eyes and ears during the DME to ensure your clients’ rights are protected. Moreover, your clients will appreciate you for ensuring they are cared for during their exam.

Contact us today to have a WatchDog Advocate protect your clients’ rights during their Insurance Medical Exams.

Why Send A Watchdog

Before The IME

The IME WatchDog Advocate will prepare your client before the exam by answering questions, discussing details and setting expectations.

During The IME

The IME WatchDog is an extension of the law firm, taking detailed notes, and contacting the law office if the examining doctor exceeds the parameters of what is appropriate for the DME (preventing the IME office and IME physician from asking any inappropriate questions, such as liability questions or administering inappropriate tests.) Another deposition will NOT be conducted under our WATCH.

After the IME

The IME WatchDog prepares a report for you, describing exactly what took place during the examination, how long the examination lasted, and any errors or lapses made by the examining physician.

Going to Court

In the event the defendant files a motion to dismiss based on a “serious injury” threshold, the WatchDog Advocate who attended the examination will be available to prepare an affidavit and/or provide in-court rebuttal testimony in support of your opposition. The affidavit and/or testimony can highlight which tests were not performed, possible mischaracterization of the results, and any other information that tends to show a triable issue of fact.


IME Watchdog
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Nicole SampsonNicole Sampson
00:44 14 Jun 23
Mayra was wonderful and so helpful. I felt comfortable knowing she was there for support!
Mary RodriguezMary Rodriguez
15:13 13 Jun 23
I was very happy with the service provided by your company. The lady you sent is Mayra spoke my language also was a big help thank you so much.
bryan petersonbryan peterson
01:37 01 Mar 23
Anyone who has an IME coming up I 100% suggest using IME watchdog. I was assigned Mayra and she was amazing. Before I even walked in the door she was early waiting for me in the lobby. She was extremely knowledgeable on how IMEs work and I can tell she was experienced with her work. Mayra looked over any paper work that needed to be filled out before I did so and I really felt like my best interest was her top priority. I give watchdog 5 stars and Mayra 100!
Norma AlcaldeNorma Alcalde
14:03 18 Feb 23
Rebecca really made me feel at ease once I met her. I was so anxious the entire ride to my IME appointment (over 2 hours) in addition to my physical pain. Thank you Rebecca for your empathy and understanding
Sean CoarseSean Coarse
23:46 17 Feb 23
I want to express my gratitude and deep satisfaction with my representative from watchdog today, Myra was such an amazing professional thru out my exam in explaining every step of the way in detail clear direction, Myra made me comfortable and confident in knowing that she was my safe guard if I wasn't sure of something and I really appreciated knowing that. You have a wonderful and talented employee in Myra. My deepest gratitude thank you!
Miaja WhiteMiaja White
16:29 13 Feb 23
Rebecca is absolutely amazing . Sweet, caring , extremely amazing. She made sure I understood what was what, whatever questions I had she answered. She made me feel very comfortable. If I was to ever have to choose someone it would definitely be her. Couldn’t have worked with anyone better. Thank you so much Rebecca.
Sarah IzhakiSarah Izhaki
14:13 08 Feb 23
Rebecca is amazing she truly went above and beyond, she made me feel so confident and relaxed. She explained everything to me and made my process go so smoothly I truly don’t know what I would do without her. I highly recommend using her services she was truly wonderful and so so helpful, she took her job so seriously while making sure I understood everything. You can tell she truly takes pride in her work, which is so hard to find these days. To whomever hired her thank you a million times.

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