Carlos Roa

President, Operations

As the President of Operations, Carlos Roa brings a formidable blend of academic prowess and entrepreneurial acumen to the table. Armed with a Bachelor’s in Health Science from Stony Brook University (2014), a Master’s in Public Health from the same institution in 2016, and a Doctorate of Law specializing in Sports Law from Universidad Carlos III de Madrid in 2019, his academic achievements underscore his dedication to diverse fields. Carlos is a seasoned entrepreneur, renowned for founding a boutique international sports management firm. His firm boasts an impressive clientele comprising athletes in Soccer, Track and Field, and Tennis. Notably, he serves as the International Counsel to the Panamanian Olympic Committee and the Panamanian National Soccer Team, leveraging his expertise in negotiations involving athletes, sponsorships, and clothing brands. Before assuming his current role at IME Watchdog, Carlos honed his skills at one of New York City’s largest Personal Injury Law firms, overseeing the IME Department. His professional journey attests to his multifaceted expertise and comprehensive understanding of the sports industry and legal realms. Outside the professional sphere, Carlos finds solace and passion in a range of activities, including working out, engaging in sports, and embarking on adventures through travel. His dedication to fitness and his intrinsic connection to sports amplify his well-rounded persona, complementing his dynamic role in operational leadership.