Daniella Levi

Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Daniella Levi, Esq., a dedicated personal injury lawyer, has passionately advocated for injured plaintiffs for over 20 years in running her own personal injury practice in New York City, Daniella Levi & Associates, PC. specializing in premises, motor vehicle, construction accident, and medical malpractice cases, litigating them from intake through trial. Driven by this commitment, she established IME Watchdog in 2011. The fundamental goal of IME Watchdog has always been clear-cut: to ensure that plaintiffs undergoing examinations by insurance company-hired doctors have the support of an advocate during the exam. This advocate then furnishes a comprehensive report of the examination to the plaintiff’s attorney, effectively evening the playing field. Faced with attempts by insurance companies to restrict IME Watchdog’s presence in examination rooms, Daniella Levi’s determination only intensified. She successfully challenged these efforts, ultimately altering the law across all New York Appellate Divisions, guaranteeing that every plaintiff can be accompanied by a Watchdog during their insurance medical exams, who can also provide testimony at trial if needed.