Eli Levi

Chief Operating Officer

Meet Eliyahu “Eli” Levi, Esq., a seasoned personal injury attorney whose journey into the legal realm was not just a professional pursuit but a familial legacy. As the son of Daniella Levi, a distinguished figure in the field, Eli was practically raised in the corridors of justice, inheriting a passion for championing the rights of injured plaintiffs. Eli embarked on his legal career immediately after graduating from law school, diving headfirst into the world of personal injury law. His commitment to the cause was further solidified as he joined forces with his mother, Daniella, at her esteemed personal injury practice, Daniella Levi & Associates, PC. Specializing in a diverse range of cases including premises liability, motor vehicle accidents, construction mishaps, and medical malpractice, Eli demonstrated a remarkable aptitude for navigating the intricacies of litigation. From the initial client intake to the culmination of a trial, Eli’s dedication to securing justice for the aggrieved has been unwavering. In 2011 Daniella Levi had the foresight to establish IME Watchdog, literally creating an entire industry that ha dnot existed before. Daniella recognized the need and the pivotal role IME Watchdog advocates could play in personal injury cases. Eli, being the trailblazer that he is, assumed the role of the very first Watchdog. Witnessing the evolution of IME Watchdog from its nascent stages to its current status, where it diligently oversees close to 1,000 Independent Medical Examinations (IMEs) each month, Eli’s connection to this innovative service is deeply rooted. Eli Levi’s story is not just one of professional accomplishment but a testament to the enduring commitment to the principles of justice and advocacy. With a wealth of experience and a profound understanding of the intricacies of personal injury law, Eli continues to stand at the forefront of the legal landscape, ensuring that the voices of the injured are not only heard but championed through every step of their legal journey.