Sheila Charney

Account Manager

Sheila Charney is a seasoned operations manager with a career spanning over two decades, primarily cultivated at TIME Magazine. Her expertise lies in seamlessly overseeing various facets of operations, serving as a crucial administrative liaison connecting editorial, finance, legal, and human resources departments. Sheila’s proficiency extends to managing logistical aspects for both domestic and international correspondents within editorial and reporting teams. Her adeptness in this area ensures streamlined processes and support for the editorial endeavors across different geographical locations. Her contributions within the finance realm have been invaluable, collaborating to ensure punctual payments and collections while also contributing to budgetary tracking and analysis, showcasing her multifaceted skills in financial oversight. Sheila’s collaboration with the legal department has been notable, involving working closely on contract negotiations, reprint guidelines, and copyright matters, thereby safeguarding the integrity and legality of the editorial content. Moreover, she has effectively managed office correspondence, addressed phone inquiries, and supervised all editorial operational functions. Sheila’s comprehensive skill set and vast experience make her an asset in ensuring the smooth functioning and coordination among diverse operational aspects within a dynamic publishing environment.